What Benefits Do Recruitment Agencies Provide?

Finding your next opportunity is a full-time job in itself; that’s why a little external support can come in handy. From providing access the best employers in the field to helping you finetune your application, a recruitment agency can make all the difference to your job search.

Here at Midas, we specialise in recruiting for the freight forwarding and logistics industry. This exclusive focus means we have access to the most exciting opportunities in this field, and have an in-depth understanding of the skills employers are looking for. That’s why jobseekers all over the world know they can count on us.

In this blog, we outline 6 key reasons why you should use a recruitment agency for your job search.

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It’s Free!

The best things in life are free, and a recruitment agency is one of those things! A good recruitment agency will never ask its jobseekers to pay for their services, and nor will payment be taken from their first salary if they are successfully placed. In fact, using a recruitment agency poses no costs to the jobseeker – it’s the clients who pay once they have successfully hired you.

Access Exclusive Opportunities

Some roles won’t be advertised publicly. Many employers work on a continuous and exclusive basis with their recruitment partner, using them for all their hiring needs. As a result, using public job boards is never going to provide you with access to the best roles going in the industry. And by looking in the wrong places, you might miss out on something truly amazing! Whether you’re on the hunt for a high level role or a short term position to expand your skills, working with a recruitment agency means you’ll have a better chance of finding a job that truly inspires, challenges, and satisfies you.

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Specialist Industry Knowledge

A good recruitment agency will understand the intricacies of your industry, and have years of expertise helping jobseekers achieve the role you want. From knowing which soft and hard skills employers will be looking for to supporting you in salary negotiations and making sure you get a fair deal, working with a specialist is invaluable.

At Midas, we recruit specifically for the fast-moving world of freight forwarding and logistics. We know what it takes to go far in this industry, and are here to help committed people find their next opportunity with the most exciting employers around.

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Boost Employability

From writing a compelling cover letter to crafting a CV that best reflects your talents, a recruitment agency will often offer additional support and resources to jobseekers to provide them with the best chances of success. They might also help you hone your interview skills and expand your knowledge of the industry. As a result, your chances of appearing highly employable in a competitive recruitment market will dramatically increase.

At Midas, our jobseekers are much more than just a CV – but we help you make yours great! From free resources to interview guidance, we’re here to help you enhance your employability every step of the way.

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Find a Job Fast

Once you’ve decided to change jobs, you’ll no doubt be eager to move forwards with your ambitions. Working with a recruitment agency means your job search will be much quicker, and the roles you are recommended will be tailored to your particular skillset, experience level, and aspirations. A good recruitment agency won’t send any vaguely suitable opportunity your way, but well-considered roles that meet your specifications. That means no wading through inappropriate job advertisements and no time wasted on applications that don’t fit.

At Midas, we never pressure our jobseekers into applying for or accepting roles that aren’t right. We value our employers and jobseekers equally, and aim to create meaningful, mutually beneficial connections. We believe you should only settle for your perfect match.

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Reach Network of Top Employers

Many employers don’t recruit talent directly. This is because recruitment agencies also provide numerous benefits to businesses, saving them time and money on their recruitment processes. Additionally, a good recruitment agency will only work with employers who respect and value their talent. For that reason, working with a recruitment agency provides you with the best chance of accessing the top employers in your field. More than that, you can feel confident that you are applying for a role where you will be treated fairly by a responsible employer.

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Midas is a recruitment agency with years of experience supporting the career journeys of exceptional talent in UK and US. We’re passionate about helping jobseekers find the right role for them. To us, recruitment is all about transparency, trust, and dependability. We find the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – no exceptions.

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