What are the Best Paying Jobs in Freight Forwarding & Logistics?

Choosing your next career move may be driven by many factors, but salary undoubtedly plays a large role. As the cost of living along with inflation rises, salaries are growing to match. Wisely, job seekers want to know if they are being offered a reasonable amount.

Whether you are looking for the next step in your career, preparing for your next salary review, or simply curious about what is available across industries, knowing the average and upper end, salaries for roles is crucial. Below, our team explore some of the highest paid roles within the industry across the UK and US markets, informed by our insightful research.

It is important to remember, however, that the highest paying job does not always mean it is the most rewarding. If you are not satisfied in your current role, speak to one of our experts, who can help you find satisfaction and the desired financial goal in your next role!

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Jobs in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

There is a huge breadth of jobs within freight forwarding and logistics, spanning management, operations, sales, business development, HR, support, account management and more – all offering different levels of pay. Owing to this expansive list of roles and associated skillsets, the industry naturally appeals to all manner of people seeking high paying roles.

Over the past few decades, as technology rapidly develops and commerce globalises, freight forwarding and logistics have been more important than ever. With the increasing demand and subsequent sector growth, comes more opportunity for jobs, progression, and competitive salaries.

Sample jobs within freight forwarding include:

  • Air freight manager
  • Road freight operator
  • Freight forwarder
  • Export specialist
  • Import specialist

Examples roles within logistics:

  • Operations management
  • Business development
  • Account manager
  • Operative

For a full break down of job opportunities, check out our freight forwarding and logistics sector pages.


Expected Salary in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

From trainee roles to junior to execs, jobs in these industries span all levels, and therefore pay grades.

As with any industry, the highest paying jobs in freight forwarding and logistics are senior positions, which require more experience and demand greater responsibility. Therefore, a job role that offers clear progression across the entire career path and chance at seniority is ideal for those looking to achieve the best pay.

An entry or trainee position can expect a minimum of around £16,000 in the UK, and $26,000 in the US. Other avenues to employment within these industries, including internships and apprenticeships, also offer a lower rate than full time salaries.

Contract type plays a role in salary too; although there may be an average salary for a role, the length and type of contract may affect the take home amount. FTC roles, for example, are sometimes valued higher when compared to permanent roles because of the exact skill demand or to compensate for the limited time of the job.

Location also factors into the salary for a role. Whether searching in a specific area, or in an urban or rural setting, salary will likely vary thanks to geography. That’s why at Midas our annual salary survey is divided into regions, helping you to understand the best paying jobs within your area.

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Best Paying Roles in Freight Forwarding and Logistics UK

Below we list some of the highest paying roles in the UK market. For more UK salary information, check out our salary survey.

  • Customs Managers can expect salaries ranging from £35,000 up to £70,000 with numerous years’ experience, even up to £80,000 in higher paying locations as London.
  • Road Freight Managers can see salaries from £35,000 too, with progression up to £50,000+ owing to experience.
  • Similarly, Air and Oceans Business Managers can expect up to £55,000 over years in the role, making this an attractive role for those looking to progress steadily in their careers.
  • Directors can, once at the most senior peak of their career, expect 6-figure salaries within these industries. However, these higher level position take many years to achieve.

Best Paying Roles in Freight Forwarding and Logistics US

Jobs in the US tend to have higher salaries in comparison to the UK, proportional to the cost of living. It is common for salaries in the US to span anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000. Below are examples of higher salaries within freight forwarding and logistics in the US.

  • Export or import specialists at the higher salary mark can fetch up to $60,000 per year.
  • Experienced Operations Managers can earn over $100,000, with top level managers in high paying areas earn up to $125,000.
  • Many jobs within the US market, including those based in Customs, show promising salary progression, with salaries for customs roles ranging by up to $30,000 according to experience.

Learn More About Freight Forwarding and Logistics Salaries

There are numerous jobs within freight forwarding and logistics, but the team at Midas have done the research and found the salaries to expect across UK and US markets. Whether you’re based in Boston or Bristol, we have the expertise to keep you up to date with global trends.

Using our deep market insights, our team have created the 2022 salary survey, summarising a huge range of salaries for a variety of popular jobs within these industries. From changes due to the pandemic, to strains on the industry, to the evolving face of employment within the past few years, our salary survey gives you an overview of all you need to know.

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