Recruitment Advice for Employers

Effective recruitment is the backbone of any organisation. Ultimately, having the right people in place means your business can grow and scale, and getting recruitment wrong can cause drastic reputational damage. So, what are the best ways to secure and keep hold of the most talented jobseekers around?

Midas specialises in recruiting for the freight forwarding and logistics industries. Some of the most exciting global businesses trust us with their recruitment process, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

In this blog, we explain how to improve your recruitment process and establish a successful employer brand.

Write Clear Job Listing

A successful hiring process begins with a clear and specific job description. But what exactly should yours contain? Of course, non-negotiable requirements should be listed to avoid unsuitable applications. If your listing is too generic, unspecialised jobseekers might apply.

However, according to an often-cited report, women are unlikely to apply for jobs unless they have 100% of the skills required, whilst men will apply if they have 60% (source). What this demonstrates is that specifying too many qualities and skills in a job listing may actually dissuade promising jobseekers from applying. It’s a careful balance between writing your employee ‘wish-list’, and discouraging perfectly suitable applications.

It’s also important to distinguish your opportunity from all the others on the job market. In the battle for talent, a strong company culture alongside some attractive perks can make a big difference to the calibre of candidates you attract. Make sure you describe all this fully in the listing.

Offer Competitive Salary

It’s not all about the money, but money is important. When searching for a new role, work-life balance and flexibility is a key concern for jobseekers, but it’s also become expected – a minimum requirement on their end. This combined with rising energy costs and inflation has meant that in the race to secure top talent, salary has re-emerged as the key driving factor behind career shifts.

To make sure your recruitment process is successful, it’s critical to remain competitive and understand where your offering sits in the employment market. You need to offer at least the minimum expected for the role in question – and offering more than that will set you apart. For businesses in freight forwarding and logistics, why not take a look at our salary survey to gain an idea of current trends?

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Improve the Way You Source

How and where you search can make a big difference to your hiring process. Generic job boards are insufficient for many businesses, and passive jobseekers won’t necessarily be looking there. Instead, be creative with your talent search.

You could attend or even host industry events to build a network of talent and establish yourself as a thought leader in the field; you could also start an employee referral programme. You should also consider hiring internally if the role allows it, as this will make current staff feel positive about their career progression opportunities and help you retain talent (more on that later!).

Another great way to seek out top talent is to work with a recruitment agency. They’ll have a network of talent already which you can gain access too, and the experience sourcing and hiring jobseekers with skills relevant to your industry.

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