CV Writing Tips for Freight Forwarding Industry

Securing your next career opportunity in the freight forwarding industry depends upon a successful CV. But what can you do to make yours stand out as exceptional – especially when it comes to high-level and managerial roles?

Midas is a recruitment agency specialising in logistics and freight forwarding. In this fast-paced field, employers and jobseekers alike trust us to find their perfect fit. If you’re looking to move up the career ladder, we’re here to help you find your next opportunity.

In this blog, we outline our top CV writing tips for those applying for jobs in freight forwarding.

Understand What CV Needs to Convey

Before you start putting your CV together, it’s important to think through what hiring managers in the freight forwarding industry will be looking for. This will depend on job level. Management positions, for example, will need a CV that can evidence experience using certain programmes and systems as well as leading people, whereas experience won’t necessarily make or break an entry-level application – here, soft skills will come into their own. If you’re applying for a leadership role, you’ll also need to convey an ability to strategize, organise, and motivate others, and be able to demonstrate the measurable impact of your actions.

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Consider Objective Statement

Opinions are divided when it comes to the objective statement, but for managerial positions in freight forwarding, a short, professional summary can be useful. This short, concise statement at the top of your CV should be used to establish your goals and management style as well as list key accomplishments and core competencies. It can also outline how you will help the company further their commercial ambitions within the industry.

Use Clear & Simple Format

The way you format your CV can have a big impact on its effectiveness. Above all, keep it clear, well-spaced, and decluttered, and choose a professional font like Arial or Calibri. Whether or not the hiring manager uses an applicant tracking system (ATS), they will probably be skim reading, with many employers only spending 6-7 seconds on each CV! For that reason, it’s important to structure the document for quick comprehension with lots of bullet points, sections, and subheadings to highlight important information.